Friday, June 15, 2012

~ Rain, Rain, Go Away ~                                        June 12th

- please don't ruin my wedding day.
      Well, today had rain, with a forecast of more to come.  This means, "Wedding season" is off to a very wet start this year.  Hopefully June brides created a back-up plan for inclement weather if they were planning an outdoor wedding/reception.
     Providing cover for you and your guests only makes sense in Alaska.  The weather is rarely predictable and tents are a great idea.  They can be simple or grand, depending on your budget.  Costco, 3-Bears and even Sears sell large canopy style tents with detachable walls.  When my brother and sister-in-law were planning my niece's wedding they lucked out on a clearance special at their local Sears store and picked up one with generous dimensions for only $99.
     Tents/canopies make a sensible investment for the big day, but are put to good use after the wedding for family picnics and BBQs, or cover for a garage sale or other event.  Or, if there is another family you know with the same idea, consider going in together on the purchase.
     If you have the funds in your budget, (what? you don't have a budget?!) consider a rental.  Rental companies have LARGE tents and they do the delivery, set-up, and take-down.

Don't get left out in the rain, the day is too special so plan ahead.
And more about that BUDGET issue on another day.
Sweet Dreams.

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