Monday, July 2, 2012


While we do live in a land where "light" isn't an issue in the summer, we often have to have light-blocking curtains or blinds tone it down a bit.  But when planning a wedding, candlelight and the romantic effect of it is part of the ambiance that we anticipate.

Candles, tealights, and twinkle lights soften the setting rather than ceiling/direct lighting. But before investing in a clearance sale on white candles or purchasing a truckload of white Christmas lights from your neighbor's garage sale, consider the factors that will affect how much ambient light you will need for the ceremony and reception sites as well as what season will your wedding take place?

Answer these questions and you can focus in on the type, quantity, and effect you will need for the look you want to achieve.

     ~ When is your wedding? ~ Spring? Summer?  Fall? Winter? 

     ~ What time of day? If evening, what time does the sun set that day?
                                        (you can find this on your local TV station website)

     ~ Where is the ceremony?  Indoors? Outdoors? Church? Hotel? Other building? Tent?
     ~ Where is the reception?  Indoors? Outdoors? Hotel? Other building? Tent? 

     ~ If outdoors, is there electrical power access for twinkle lights? or will wind/breeze snuff out 
        the candles?

    ~  If indoors, is there natural light from windows or is it dark/shadowed?

    ~ Does the church or location have any restrictions on the usage of wax candles?   
     (some do so be sure to check)

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